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Third Watch Four Days

third watch four days

    third watch
  • Third Watch is an American television drama series which first aired on NBC from 1999 to 2005 for a total of 134 episodes, broadcast in 6 seasons of 22 episodes each.

    four days
  • Four Days is a 1951 film directed by John Guillermin.

  • Four Days is a 1990 album by The Legendary Pink Dots.

Day Two Hundred and Fourty Two /365

Day Two Hundred and Fourty Two /365

You have to press L
And yes, I am loving the fact that I can do these shots now. I'm gonna make the most of it!
Inspired by the hundreds of cool flour shots.
And also I've been tagged an awful lot of times since the last one so I guess you want it - here it is :)
one> I am reading a book called 'Royal Assassin' and I am really enjoying it, it has been a while since I've gotten into a good book. And one that is set in a time of old, has magic and animals and a wolf on the cover = me.
two> I really miss having a car.
three> At christmas my aunty gave me some letters that my mum had written to her when mum had travelled overseas some 35 years ago and my aunty had only just rediscovered them when going through an old box. She remarked how similar the writing (and her mind) was to my own. It was so lovely to read them and to be able to really put myself in her shoes. It also gave mum and I good chance to talk about some of the juicy stuff she hadnt told me yet hahaha.
four> I remember before I got my dslr everyone said I'd be able to tell the difference from having a point and shoot but I wasnt sure if I would.. but boy do I ever!! It is incredible! And I am so glad that I spent so much time with Flash (my P&S) before I went out and bought Pete (my dslr) because it gave me a good grounding in compo and location.
five> I need to go to the hairdresser soon because my roots are starting to come through haha but she is on holidays for a few weeks so thats gonna get worse. I'm keeping the red for a while though.. and the blonde streak too. So dont worry ;)
six> I dont wear black clothes very often, but I wanted to bring out the colours in the flour etc so thats why I did here. I also never wear white. Just coz I'm pretty pale and it wouldnt look good.
seven> I am going on a little holiday on the 12th until the 17th to tasmania with mum.. but I'll still be doing my 365 and taking pete and my laptop so I wont disappear. I just wont be on as often. But you will get to see some awesome australian shots, so that'll be cool.
eight> I really cant wait to meet my new first little nephew or niece in 5 weeks or so!! It's so weird that I predicted the pregnancy before it happened and I have a feeling it is going to be a boy - they arent finding out the sex before the birth - but then me saying I think its a boy now it'll probably be a girl. Haha. And if they call him lucas then I will be completely freaked out.
nine> My mum watched inception with me the other night (second time for me) and she didnt like it! She was so lost and kept asking me who was fighting and I kept saying "this is on the dream level two and that is his security". And she'd go "who's that then?". And I'd day "this is on the third dream level and thats his security too." hahaha. :S
ten> I cant wait til SGU, Vampire Diaries, Glee and Hellcats are back on tv. Yeahhhh.

I will try to tag some new people.

Day thirty- four<3

Day thirty- four<3

Day thirty-four<3 - woke up. - I got ready tremendously fast today, which is strange I felt so blah today. - I kinda woke up in a bad mood, well not bad but I wasn't myself. - had cake yogurt for breakfast it was great. - mom threw away the amazing bag:/ it upset me more. - quite ride to school. - first period: Mu project was finished early so I got to do what ever I wanted so I watched cheer videos all period. I saw some pretty amazing high schools. - second period: Also watched cheer videos because we had a sub as Bo one did anything and I wasn't just going to sit there like some kind of loser. So cheer video mania it was - third period: Mr.Allman had to teach everyone else what they where suppose to be doing so all the people in the wheels just finished glazing my box, then just talked to David. - fourth period: really lame, we wrote paragraphs all period and they guy that sits next to me kept telling me I needed more support-.- - fifth period: drawing tables and DNA and RNA and blah blah blah. etc etc etc. - lunch: Sarah's birthday happy sweet sixteen sweetheart I love you. And a random out break about Mr. Wise. - sixth period: Worked in groups, I smiled a lot in that class today normally I just blow everyone off. - seventh period: watched cheer videos again:) - mother picked me up from school we were suppose to go to the sry cleans to see if they could put a patch on one of my shirts and Austin was suppose to come over but Robert come home early from the dentist and everyones plans changed. - I prob had five load of laundry that I had to put away. - this is my thinking face. : * - I had to clean my room. - I dusted my room. - do the dishes. - cleaned the kitchen. - and somewhat put away a few thinks in the bathroom. - laid down and listened to music , Pandora radio<3 - cranberry soda<3 - ate dinner. It was yummy. I also had rice just because I am addicted. - You can never have this, never never never!! Haha what a great show. - American idol. - talked on the phone with Amy<3 i love my wifey. - shower. - bed sheets for me. - good night and sweet dreams my love. *Picture: I wasn't myself today, well this is what everyone is telling me :/ And yet I believe them I feel strange. I didn't care about anything today.

third watch four days

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